Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Sewing over at Crafty Mamas!

Farbenmix QUIARA is one of  our very fave patterns. It fits Miss L to a "tee'" and is easily varied to a hoodie, t shirt, warm tunic or even a nighty.  QUIARA has this graceful bell shape to it, which is great for giving tummies a bit of breathing room.

There is also a Mama version- QUIALA!

Another fave is Easy Fit pants by the Scientific Seamstress. I have used this for shorts, jammies, and now yoga pants. It sews up beautifully each time, in knits or wovens.Available for big people too!

So we have the polka-dot short sleeve tee version of QUIARA...

 And the Starry short sleeve QUIARA with Michael Miller Orange Clown stripe SS Easy Fits pants.

And another new favourite thing of ours...the handy dandy apple/spud peeler/corer/slicer!

from Everton, lots of fun!  I have a tray of potato springs in the oven cooking now!

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Tas said...

Oh, me likely the spots. I should make this pattern up! I got one of those slinkie apple thingies for Christmas. Hadn't occurred to me to use it for spuds. The kids would love that!

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