Thursday, February 24, 2011

Because EVERYBODY loves Raymond... apparently...

This has become a bit of a catch-cry in our household since our eldest moved away to uni to study architecture. He up and left his baby brother behind- who now accuses us of favoring his brother over him ( which we don't!). And of course, we have our two girls here too. So it's pretty much crazy most of the time.

But of an evening we  gather to watch Raymond and Robert, Marie, Debra and Frank. Did you see that birthday cake Marie made for Raymond- then gifted it to Robert- then back to Raymond? We did, and we needed a cake just like that one... for our own Raymond and Robert....

Tammy's recipes has THE best chocolate cake and frosting recipe. It's so quick I throw it all in the food processor while doing the dishes. It's huge and delish! I also had 1/2 wholemeal flour, and no one guesses ( don't tell them!).

source: Tammy's recipes

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