Saturday, July 03, 2010

Some Weekend Craftiness... Farbenmix and Fabric painting

We are having a lovely quiet weekend at home, so the girls finally got around to some fabric painting. These are done using Marvy fabric markers ( from the Crafty Mamas shop) and are just like textas- but are permanent on your fabric! Lots of fun to be had with these!

 White cotton long sleeve tee from good old Target...Lil getting into it.

We slid an old scrap book up into the tee to protect from paint bleeding onto the back. You could use a place mat etc. 

And the results? Beautiful! They did a few singlets too ( because who wants boring singlets??) and were very impressed with themselves. 

So what did I get up to while they were so busy...? 

BEALA is an oversized hoody, just perfect for winter over leggings etc. This is made from COLORADO, a knit from the makers of STELLA. With a peek of Robot knit for the hood ( thankyou Nancy!). I think I have just enough time to sew up another.... if I sneak very quietly...have a lovely weekend!

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zofia said...

Nice Beala, but I want some of that girl crafty action! Fabulous stuff! :D

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