Saturday, July 10, 2010

Farbenmix Hair Accessories

Farbenmix Mushies and Love chirp hairbands. 

We are a pretty hairy family. Hubby's European background combined with my ( very long ago) Scottish background, has left us with some thick and unruly headed kids! As much as we love cute little hair adornments..they  don't do the job. We need serious hair stuff here. So I was pleased to find this very clever tutorial from mmmcrafts  on how to make removable covers for  sturdy headbands.  This is so quick and easy, you can have one for every outfit! 

 The gorgeous Miss Lil in her Farbenmix Flipie headband.

And another out of gingham, trimmed with Lovechirp ribbon from Farbenmix. I see many more of these in my future...

And just while I had the ribbon's a cute way to make a set of matching ribbon hair clippies...

Happy Saturday!


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