Friday, June 08, 2007



Ohh..look what I won on eBay the other day...nine glorious Enid Gilchrist sewing mags! They have super easy instructions to show you how to draft the patterns. This women, Enid, was a visionary I tell you!! I can't wait to get stuck into them!

Does anyone know if Enid is still alive? I would love to interview her as a Crafty Mamas Guest.
If anyone reading this has a crafty business and would like to be considered for an interview, let me know!


More exciting news...the CraftyMamas Online Shop! has some gorgeous new books in stock and arriving soon..will be some of the Clover range of felting tools. Wool roving, felting mats, felting needle tools. I can also get other items, if requested.


Didn't we just HAVE a long weekend?? Oh well, I guess another is always good! Hoping everyone has a lovely long weekend and the Queen has a great birthday ! ( yes, I know her birthday is actually another date, but it seems fitting to wish her Happy Birthday). So Liz, have a good one!


Nikkou Hitori said...

happy birthday to her highness :]
neat that she has a june birthday, like me :] i didn't know that....
how old is the queen now?

Kylie said...

Congrates on your win Cinna - I have scored a few from opshops - how great to get almost a full collection. Humm - not sure if she is still alive - she would be a very interesting person!

Crafty Mama said...

How old is Liz? I really don't know...about 86? :)

Violet said...

Great win there cinn. Looking forward to seeing what you make from them. :-)

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