Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This month at Crafty Mamas we are having a handmade card SWAP, which is always heaps of fun!! I love card making, but find it very hard to get motivated to do. I think it's because I have to spread so much stuff out everywhere, and then the kids want to "help" with my good Stampin' Up stamps and inks! I will have to devise a plan to keep them occupied while I work on my Swap cards. I'll post some inspiration here when I find some!!


At Crafty Mamas we also have an ongoing recipe card Swap, which is such a hoot! The lovely Nikkou Hitori organises it for us each month, and we receive great cards and recipes from other Crafty Mamas. It's great, as the recipes are REAL LIFE and DO-ABLE! It is really enjoyable to be involved in!

Here's some I have received..


Nikkou Hitori said...

don't feel bad about the handmade card swap cins. i'm having a bit of trouble getting into the mode for the same reasons... and i'm sure schooling plays in a huge factor for you too :]

as clever as you think you may be, sometimes it just tends to putter out at the worst possible time, hey?
so... no worries... take time... it's what i may have to do anyway ;]

Crafty Mama said...

Thanks Nik!!! I have the cards in my head, just gotta get them made :)

Nikkou Hitori said...

same here :]
i really need to get on the go.....i still have to do the recipe cards this month too....

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