Monday, April 09, 2007


OTTOBRE 4/2004

So dd(7) is growing like a string bean, and suddenly nothing fits her (again). DH is complaining about her less than modest belly button baring tees, that were once full length.Her once long pants are now more 3/4 style. What's a Crafty Mama to do? OTTOBRE saves the day!! DD loves pink, and purple so I'm limited in the colour range. I'm trying to talk her into some browns and blues, but no luck so far.

Last night I whipped up two skirts Pattern 10, using fabric remnants. The purple skirt has some wool fabric that I felted, and then embroidered on, as the fake pockets. Looks quite effective. The embroidery is the plain * stitch on my Memory Craft 3000. This is a lovely, quick pattern to make up that lends itself to lots of creative variations.

Still to trace and make up from this issue:
33, 34, underwear
38 leggings
36, 22, 11, 12, 23, 21, 13 tops, pants, dress, coat.

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Aimlessdaze said...

My kid loves bright blue, lime green, and orange.... So I know what you mean about your daughter liking pink and purple.

I love the skirts!!! They look great together too....

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