Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Farbenmix XATER- A review and a little translation for you....

There have been Farbenmix  XATER tops popping up in the Crafty Mamas forum of late, and I have been dying to get one sewn up! That's the troube with being the shop keeper, you order all this gorgeous stuff in and never have time to sew yourself. But I staggered it out- in bits..traced one night, gathered supplies the next, cut another- then embroidered and sewed. I'm loving XATER and can see many more in my future.

Fabric is from my stash ( trying to deplete!) some 100% cotton knits..not Tamarama, thicker...can't remember the name. Anyhoo, Lil does not like STELLA - so I'm always looking for 100% cottons for her.

Ribbing is Hilco from the shop, in orange/turquoise

Applique is a machine embroidered ZNOK Deers star. Embroidery was from Huups...I think. Just a simple star that you can do nifty stuff with!

Farbenmix XATER is available in my store, Crafty Mamas Fabrics here. 
It is in German, but Farbenmix kindly provide a full step by step with pics! to hold your hand all the way. 
But having said that, it's a very easy pattern to sew. Here's a few tips to help!

XATER comes in two widths, the skinnier version ( Schmale Version), or the wider cut version. (Weitiere Version) I used the wider for this one, it is brilliant for kids with tummies).

You can make XATER with a hood or without ( if without, use my easy tute to apply a neckband  ).
XATER gives you the options of short sleeves, long sleeves, or short over the top of long- so heaps of variations here.

For the Skinnier version: Schmale Version
Pieces you will need:

1. Vorderteil (front)
2. Ruckenteil (back)
*note these are on the same pattern piece on the sheet, so you need to trace off the front, then the back. 
3.Armel - lang ( long sleeve)
4. Armelbundchen  (armband for your sleeve - cuff)
5. Kapuze ( hood)
6.Armel kurz, ( short sleeve)
7.Armelpatch ( patch for arm!)

For the Wider version ( Weitiere Version)

8. Vorderteil (front)
9. Ruckenteil (back)
 *note these are on the same pattern piece on the sheet, so you need to trace off the front, then the back. 
10. Armel - lang ( long sleeve)
11. Armelbundchen  (armband for your sleeve - cuff)
12. Kapuze ( hood)
13. Armel kurz, ( short sleeve)
7..Armelpatch ( patch for arm!)

The placement of the arm patch is not indicated on the sleeve piece, so you'll have to eyeball that  one.

Happy Sewing!


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