Friday, September 14, 2012

The ZEN pants are here!

Now available, Crafty Mamas ZEN Yoga pants, with optional skirt. 

In Womens sizes XS-XXXL. 

Pdf or paper pattern.

or immediately here!


Crafty Mamas  ZEN pants is a pattern you will LOVE.

Ladies XS-XXXL

Bringing you the comfort of yoga pants, with the options of  full length, Capri, or shorts, and a funky overskirt!

The ZEN pants are generous sizing, so do check your measurements first!
ZEN pants can be constructed with a fold over yoga style waistband or a normal stretch waistband. The fold over yoga style band is great for expanding tummies!

Suited to knit fabric with a min of 20% stretch, and the waistband required a cotton/lycra style knit ( our STELLA is perfect!)


Jayne said...

So the regular wait is an elastic waist yeah? i like the fold over style to look at but they fall off me. Every time :/

Also, do you sell that purple fabric in the bottom pic? LOVE!!

Crafty Mama said...

Hi Jayne, nope, no elastic in site!! Both made with stretchy fabric :)
Made tight enough they stay up wonderfully. You can insert elastic if you need though.

Crafty Mama said...

The purple velour ( wearing today!) is one of my hand dyes. I can make some for you no probs.

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