Sunday, June 03, 2012


So what is this thing, the "TMX"?

 TMX is short for Thermomix.

Up until late last year  I had never even heard of the Thermomix. Then gradually I started reading blog posts and Facebook entries about how wonderful they were. It seemed a lot of my customers had a TMX and loved them. Then  at the Quilt fair last year, I had a chat with Toni Coward from Make it Perfect- and she had me very intrigued. Then my good friend Sara bought one, and wow, she is an amazing cook- so the seed was planted!

Back ground here:  we don't even own a microwave, but I do cook- a lot. I probably cook a lot of stuff from scratch that others would not even consider, I'm a bit loopy that way.
Part of the TMX marketing is directed at telling the consumer...

" With today's fast paced lifestyle, we cook far less than we used to. Homemade breads, jams, juices, sauces, dips, cakes and biscuits have become a thing of the past."

But... I still do all that. And I am up til all hours of the night doing it. Could this TMX thing have any benefit for me?

They aren't cheap and I did not want it to end up sitting on the bench, gathering dust. Also, I did not have time to learn some new fang-dangled machine.

I was recently invited along to a demo at my friend Peta's and well, it clinched the deal. Not that I was overly enthused in all the meals the demonstrator made ( they really do go on and on about the custard- enough with the custard, we don't eat hot custard!)...but the process was interesting and I could see how it would  be put to good use at home here.

So I jumped in and now, 12 days later..we have a well broken in TMX!

I am happy to report it was not a huge learning curve, I just jumped in boots and all, and made butter chicken on the first night. Fantastic. With a cold snap, we've had casserole type dishes ( chicken pie, beef and Guiness stew,) lots of pasta dishes ( the pasta cooks in the sauce- in the TMX!, and countless loaves of bread, lots of biscuits, slices, jams and sauce, and porridge each day. The only thing I won't make again? Scones. You can't beat handmixed scones...the TMX ones looked a bit too smooth for my liking. But I did make the best kick-butt ganache in the TMX!

Is the TMX for you? Go to a demo, ask lots of questions and go home and think about it for a few weeks.
When you prepare every meal, think " how could this have been made easier if I had a TMX?".Be honest with yourself.

Our Thermomix demonstrator is an absolute sweetheart, and made everything so easy. I am in no way affiliated with Thermomix, I just like the product. You can contact them here for a demo.

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Crystal said...

thank you, appreciate your honest comments. I am really intrigued and like what I hear about them but need to know more so a demo I am going to. Good to hear from someone who has one.

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