Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Last night I started a HUGE project, and I really should not have. I was up all night- tossing and turning- wanting to finish it!

Tonight I need to add the hood, bottom row, sleeves and binding for front. I tell you, these Elf Coats are so much fun to make! I started on arm warmers last week, and this week, the coats.

 No Op Shop is safe now! 
Keep watching for many more to come!



Another thing I have caught..the UNDIES BUG! Yep, I am churning out Undies in huge amounts. I am even selling my UNDIES now ( bet that throws back some interesting Blogger word searches!). 

Made from high quality, fun designer fabrics, so soft..and comfy, and elastic free, hand made undies rock. 
Who wouldn't be happy wearing these?  
Want some of my UNDIES?
 Sold in a coordinating Set of 2 UNDIES,in sizes 2-12.
Fully lined, one piece bodies ( so no lumpy crotch seam).
Fabrics: Your choice from the CM Shop.
Beautiful and soft.
Elastic free, with STELLA waistband and legs.


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