Thursday, July 14, 2011

Got enough lollies on there, kids?

Much crafty goodness afoot here today...card making, magnet making, cupcake making...

Cupcakes made by the littlest ( 7) and her Bestie. Do you think they could have possibly squeezed on a few more lollies?!! The cake recipe is from Best #5167.  Beryl's Chocolate Cake. And it's a good one- a stir with a wooden spoon recipe in a easy for kids. ( thanks Beryl!).

We LOVE school holidays. The sleep ins, free weekends ( no sport!), and general easing up is good for everyone ( especially me!). We rarely get to go away, so most of it is spent here at home- but we make our own fun. Lot's of late night trashy tele with the teens, cooking and crafts with the little ones,  and the odd trip to the Big Smoke.

I hope your school holdays have been restful and fun!


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Spencer said...

Yum! How good do they look!

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