Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hilco Mix on another QUIARA

I did promise to leave the QUIARA alone for a while, but what can I say? I'm constantly finding new colour mixes for it? ( and really, I think the "farbenmix" crew do that on purpose..;)) such a brilliant pattern and it fits Miss L beautifully. QUIARA is in English, too, for anyone that has not yet succumbed to it's charms.


Click to see bigger.

These are some of the most recent Hilco knits from Crafty Mamas shop, most are now sold out ( sorry! A heap more due in very soon with the new season Hilco). Thank goodness I remembered to set aside some for myself this time ( I miss out every time!).

I have used Campante on the sleeves and Campan on the neckline.  The clever folk at HILCO add a smidge of elastomeric ( spandex) to Campan and Campante- which gives it brilliant recovery ( by my calculations I get approx a stretch factor of 60%) it is wonderful for using on your necklines, cuffs, anywhere you would normally use ribbing.( and makes the best leggins!). The body is the lovely Hilco Funghi knit in pink.

Off to plan another Quiara ;)

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