Monday, April 18, 2011

Some * HEART* Sewing!

I LOVE these fabrics! Pattern is FARBENMIX Quiara tunic top, long sleeve, with hood. Leggins are the Riviera pattern, by Nancy Langdon from the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love ( you all have that one, yes??). I love the bell shape of the Quiara, it is brilliant for kids with tummies.

The fabrics are some favourites of mine...

HEARTS knit from JNY Designs of Sweden, with Stripey Knit in red/white, and the hood is in Blood Red, in a new knit coming soon. Slightly thicker than STELLA and a bit warmer- ideal for winter knits.

And although I do have an embroidery machine ( somewhere in there, amongst my 7 machines...) I really like these cute little Janeas World woven badges for a quick fix of super cuteness!  
 Click to see bigger!

So nice to settle back into some sewing after such a busy week away last week!

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toadstooldots said...

That looks fantastic, Lisa.

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