Wednesday, March 10, 2010


You may have noticed these popping up in the shop..some may say I have a bit of a thing for them...maybe I do :) I adore them! T

The Farb velour and glitter iron ons are designed to match in with the yummy Farb ribbons ( and there are embroidery designs too!). This way you can get a groovy Euro design flow through effect with your sewing. But how do you apply those iron ons?
Here's a few tips I found both on the site and of my own:

1. You have to have a hard surface underneath the layer you are applying to. Slide in a chopping board, or I used a cork place mat upside down.

2. You need to have a sheet of baking paper over the tranfser, then apply a med hot iron ( 1700 they recommend). No steam. Apply medium pressure ( this is the key!) whilst pressing for 20 seconds.

3. Allow to cool a few seconds, then remove baking paper and then peel the backing off. I found it worked best starting from top left hand corner.

4. Once backing is off, apply baking paper and give a press.

Then allow to cool.

These are so much fun!!

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