Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some CRAFTY sewing!

Finally took a few hours off to do some sewing- it does not happen nearly often enough!

farbenmix "MADITA"

I LOVE this goes together so well, and sits so nicely!

Pattern: farbenmix "MADITA". It is in German, but step by step is an easy pattern. The trickiest bit is threading the elastic through the shoulder straps- and that is easily done with a nappy pin.

Fabric: Red drill left over from a Buy and a cheapo cotton woven Lil fell in love with at SL.

Trim: Tiny smidge of farb ribbon

No hacks at is. The shape is very flattering to chubbier kids!

And some pj's!

Patterns used: Ottobre 2/2002, #31 Cami top.
Fave Things Little Nighty Night pj's bottoms.

Fabric: Trim is STELLA in pastel pink, and Anita G Strawberries cotton knit. All from CM Shop!

Changes made: I lengthened the #31 by a lot, as it is midriff length normally. Plus, Bon is quite long! The boxers are meant to be a woven, but work fine in a sturdy knit like this.

I got brave and dragged the Coverpro out for these, I had even forgotten how to thread it! But a quick read of the manual and it was up and running like a charm. It made very quick work of the binding on the cami!

Happy New Year!

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