Monday, November 05, 2007


First up, I have to apologize for having neglected my sewing machines for the past month or so. Study is driving me NUTS. If I am going to continue, I really need to make some serious changes. Like commiting time to study and also to my crafting. Really. Crafting is important to me, and I am not prepared to give it up!
So, I need to get a plan ready for next year.

I managed to finally get an ANNA sewn up on Friday night, but it was not without drama, no. It just about drove me around the bend. I just could not visualize how it all came together. Ever had that happen? The later it got, the worse I got. Here's the end result, in a Batik fabric, modeled by Ms 7 ( my little child of the corn..seriously, she is dreadful of late).

My next sewing project is a few t shirts for dd above. I just can't decide which Ottobre t shirt pattern to choose. See, having all the issues can be a very bad thing! The fabric is washed ready to go, but that's as far as it has got.
I'll be back when I have a finished item to show!

~Craft on!~

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