Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Did someone say REDONDO???

It seems there is a Redondo craze happening over at . Crafty Mamas . Mamas Who Love to Craft!

Yep, everyone is falling in love with this pattern and whipping it up super quick in lots of different variations! REDONDO ( here CraftyMamas Online Shop!) is a STUDIO tantrum pattern, hailing from California...and imported by moi to Crafty Mamas.
It goes together beautifully, and is much loved by big and little girls alike for its fabbo inbuilt twirl ability. You can make it plain or insert ruffles, etc.

Have a look at some of the variations being posted at the
CraftyMamas ~ View Forum - FARBENMIX & studioTANTRUM
truly amazing!

Here's two I have made for my girls. The green fabric is the divine Ming from my Shop.

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