Monday, February 12, 2007

Some Ottobre Sewing

Ottobre Design 2/2003

From 2/2003, patterns 17 and 25. The pants have these cute raw edged heart pockets on the bum of them. I also left the bottom hems to fray, after zigzaging around the bottom. A few more washes and they will fray up nicely. These pants have heaps of variations you can do to the pattern. Very quick and easy. And, boy, do I need quick projects at the moment! I am trying to get one project completed each day, no matter how busy I get with LIFE.


We are having a handmade key chain SWAP, which promises to be a hoot! I am dragging out all my Japanese craft books looking for an idea.


Nikkou said...

i bet your dd LOVES those pants!!! i can just imagine her stomping around the house in them :)

I would wear them!!! definitly!!!

Crafty Mama said...

Thanks Nik! We may have to make yours a fraction bigger though :)

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