Wednesday, December 06, 2006

An errie sky, indeed...

We have bush fires not far from us, quite a lot of them. Yesterday, you could hardly see for the smoke that had blown over the town. It literally stunk of smoke. It played havoc with us asthma sufferers. The sun was an orange colour all day, and very dull. Here's a few pics we took last night. I hope they get them under control soon, they are very scary. I am so glad I am not married to a firefighter. Selfish, I know..but way too scary. Those blokes work so hard in the bush fires, and in stinking hot weather. One change in the wind direction and they are all in strife.

On a more positive note, our Christmas tree is now up!! And our mini Christmas village set up.

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justinamaria said...

cinna, i was thinking of you when i read the newspaper thismorning. i hope the weekend isn't as bad for the fires headed your way as they are predicting. keep safe.

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