Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hoooked Zpagetti is Here!

You might have seen some Hoooked Zpagetti kicking around in blog land lately? I first set eyes on it when one of our forum members ( Mon)  living in The Netherlands, showed off some of her projects
. "Zpagetti? What is this stuff?!!"

I've always had a need to try my hand at rag know how it is? So initially, I thought Zpagetti would fill that requirement. But then Toni over at Make It Perfect  started showing off baskets she had made! Baskets! 

 (Pic shamelessly stolen from Toni)

Well that just about did me in. Crafty Mamas NEEDED this!
Zpagetti satisfies several primal urges of the Crafty Mamas species: 

1. It's fun!
2. It's quick!
3. It combines two of my loves:  fabric, and crochet!
4. It is highly tactile ie; feels good!
5 It puts to good use, off cuts that would other wise be thrown out.

What is Hoooked Zpagetti?? Originating from The Netherlands, Hoooked Zpagetti consists of strips of high quality elastic cotton fabric, ( much like our Stella) and is available in a wide range of colours and trendy designs. Hoooked Zpagetti is made from offcuts of new collection fabrics, combining fashion, sustainability and creativity into one amazing product: a high quality, elastic yarn that is not only eco-friendly but has a huge variety of fun and creative usages. When crocheted or knitted on large hooks or needles, you churn out projects in no time!

These are some of the  projects that we have free patterns for...and can pass on  to you. ( see the Rainbow Rug? I'm so doing that one!!) Of course, I know you will have fun creating your own too!

You can find our Zpagetti HERE.
I'm heading back to the recliner, to tackle that rug!


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zofia said...

Oh cool! I've gotta get me some. :)

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