Monday, February 28, 2011


New season HILCO has just arrived!

Give me a day to get it sorted....then check it out in store!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Because EVERYBODY loves Raymond... apparently...

This has become a bit of a catch-cry in our household since our eldest moved away to uni to study architecture. He up and left his baby brother behind- who now accuses us of favoring his brother over him ( which we don't!). And of course, we have our two girls here too. So it's pretty much crazy most of the time.

But of an evening we  gather to watch Raymond and Robert, Marie, Debra and Frank. Did you see that birthday cake Marie made for Raymond- then gifted it to Robert- then back to Raymond? We did, and we needed a cake just like that one... for our own Raymond and Robert....

Tammy's recipes has THE best chocolate cake and frosting recipe. It's so quick I throw it all in the food processor while doing the dishes. It's huge and delish! I also had 1/2 wholemeal flour, and no one guesses ( don't tell them!).

source: Tammy's recipes

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Farbenmix Big Stars Jersey!

I did find my way to the machine today- eventually!

This is the Farbenmix Big Stars jersey knit, just dreamy to sew! Pattern is an e-pattern Joy Z knit dress- a very nice pattern! ( not from Crafty Mamas- naughty of me, I know! But I have been meaning to try this one!)
I used Tamarama in AQUA to contrast and a gorgeous Miss Liber-T velour- both from Crafty Mamas.

Here is the sweet Miss B in her new dress!

Did you enjoy Sew UP Wednesday today?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sew UP Wednesday on again!

Yep, we have resurrected our beloved Sew UP Wednesday at Crafty Mamas!

 On Sew UP Wednesday, we commit to creating SOMETHING. Take back a little time for ourselves and just enjoy the process of making. Spend an hour, a day or how ever long you can...come join us! We gather in the forum at Crafty Mamas or on Facebook to show-off our cleverness and chin wag.

Here's a preview of my project involves the Big Stars Farbenmix jersey

Some Tamarama knit in Aqua ( which is a great match by the way!) a few Miss Liber-T irons ons and matching ric rac.

What's your Wednesday project??

Friday, February 18, 2011


Farbenmix AMELIE has been a fave of the Crafty Mamas pretty much since it's arrival in store. Amelie is in German, with an English step by step HERE.

 It's a really cute tunic pattern, that you can use as a top or as a short dress ( if cut longer). Either with the hood or without, AMELIE sews up quickly and is a beautiful blank canvas for you to embellish as you will. Check these out..

 Lila Lotta has 3 beautiful Amelies to see, visit her blog HERE.
ps: that incredible Star jersey knit by Farbenmix will be in the CM shop tomorrow!



Thursday, February 17, 2011


Toni Coward of Make it Perfect blogged these awhile back, me being me, just found them today. ..and I LOVE them!  There's more too, go see these free prints by Leanne HERE.

Thanks Toni and Leanne!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

!! FARBENMIX SALE!! 20% off patterns and fabrics!

Crafty Mamas has 20% off all FARBENMIX patterns AND fabrics at the moment!

Only what's in stock, though. And Farbenmix patterns are free shipping within Aus!

Make your way over to Crafty Mamas in an orderly fashion, don't run! and grab yourself a little piece of Farbenmix goodness!(ends this weekend).

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have a lovely little Give-away in the Crafty Mamas shop this week!

As you have probably seen, we have an AMAZING range of e-patterns!
Beautiful e-patterns from designers around the world!

This week I will be giving away one set of 3 E-patterns to a Lucky Customer. Simply place an order in the Crafty Mamas shop this week and you could win a set of 3 e-patterns of your choice- SWEET!

Monday, February 14, 2011

IKEA Foxy fabric Library Bag!

I had my eldest son venture to IKEA a while back to get me some of that adorable fabric with the fox on it- you know the one? Anyway- he managed to get me 2 metres. But when it arrived here- it was a lot thicker than I had thought it would be. So it sat in the stash for a while...til last night when Miss L declared her library bag too small. Yes! A proper excuse to cut into the IKEA fabric!

So at 9.30 pm this was made. 


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Sewing over at Crafty Mamas!

Farbenmix QUIARA is one of  our very fave patterns. It fits Miss L to a "tee'" and is easily varied to a hoodie, t shirt, warm tunic or even a nighty.  QUIARA has this graceful bell shape to it, which is great for giving tummies a bit of breathing room.

There is also a Mama version- QUIALA!

Another fave is Easy Fit pants by the Scientific Seamstress. I have used this for shorts, jammies, and now yoga pants. It sews up beautifully each time, in knits or wovens.Available for big people too!

So we have the polka-dot short sleeve tee version of QUIARA...

 And the Starry short sleeve QUIARA with Michael Miller Orange Clown stripe SS Easy Fits pants.

And another new favourite thing of ours...the handy dandy apple/spud peeler/corer/slicer!

from Everton, lots of fun!  I have a tray of potato springs in the oven cooking now!

Friday, February 11, 2011


I happened across these adorable softies a few weeks ago, and thought " We need them!!" 

Olive the Owl
Ronnie the Robot
Bonnie the Butterfly

See these along with the rest of our cute SOFTIE patterns HERE!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

STUFFED! Magazine in today!

I love this mag!!

 Dedicated to the Crafting of Softies...

Stuffed Magazine Winter 2011
Grab your copy over at Crafty Mamas!

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